Mamacita can make even a femme fatale blush. She’s bisexual and seduces people with her mesmerising movements and her sultry voice. At 35, she’s heavily augmented from top to bottom, even hiding a few sexual enhancements within her body. She’s addicted to drugs. When not stoned or sandwiched between two lovers, she’s actually caring and sweet. Her patron deity, Aphrodite, gifts her with cosmetics and tools so she can fulfill undercover operations for her. When playing jugger she is tired of all the manipulations and the thinking so she keeps things simple by wielding a big axe.

Here’s a snapshot of her stats:

Name Marianna L√≥pez
Alias Mamacita
Strength 2
Speed 1
Strategy 1
Sexiness 3
Cup Size C
Augmentations 23%
Team Unassigned Replacement
Position Enforcer (Axe)
Wins 46
Losses 22
Income 14500
Sponsorships Aphrodite Cosmetics